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About The Parent Peer Leadership Program
Background and Purpose

Peaceful Families, Peaceful World Project

Since 2001, the Peaceful Families, Peaceful World Project of The Center for Nonviolent Communication has aimed to support the transformation of parenting practices throughout the world, specifically to increase the capacity of families to live with compassion, connection and peace. 

This aim arises from a desire to contribute to parents’ and children’s ability to meet their needs, as well as from the recognition that our parenting in large part shapes the adults of the next generation. 

Since our long-term vision is to grow into a society where everyone’s needs matter and people have the skills for making peace, working to transform parenting practices is of paramount importance. 

An integral component of spreading NVC among families worldwide is the development of leaders who are committed to working with parents and who have the experience, skills and support to do so effectively. In 2006, Inbal Kashtan launched the Parent Peer Leadership Program in order to meet this need. Inbal, along with her sister Miki Kashtan, spent several years writing and developing the main bulk of material used in the program. 

The PPLP continues to evolve each year based on feedback and new 
cutting edge developments in the international NVC community. All the
materials have been completely updated.

The Parent Peer Leadership Program

The PPLP is a leadership training program for NVC practitioners 
who are dedicated to spreading and sharing NVC with parents around the world. The purpose of the PPLP is to support such leaders to deepen their capacity to:

1. Understand NVC – to have clarity about NVC practices and the consciousness underlying these practices;

2. Live NVC – to integrate NVC consciousness and skills in daily life and in your family; 

3. Share NVC – to have the skills, awareness and support needed to begin to:

  •   share NVC principles and practices with parents
  •   live and model NVC consciousness in the learning/teaching process.

The original PPLP structure combined an intensive immersion experience at the beginning of the program (the August Family Camp) with long-distance activities that offer multi-layered, structured support over an extended period of time. 

Since 2009, the program is being offered in a long distance format only. We are really excited about how this long-distance only version has made the program much more accessible to participants.

 In order to replace the Family Camp experience, we have restructured the program with other rich strategies to meet needs for connection, learning and community, and lay the groundwork for further work, both individually and as a group.It is our assessment that the combination of the various components of this program contribute to significant growth and learning for many participants.

PPLP participants have ranged from NVC practitioners who are completely new to sharing NVC with others, to independent and certified trainers, and everything in between.

History of the Program

Inbal led the first exciting PPLP family camp and 2006 program, assisted by CNVC Trainer Ingrid Bauer and Independent Trainer Cat Zavis. For health reasons, Inbal handed the leadership of the Program to Ingrid Bauer beginning in 2007. Ingrid has been leading or co-leading the PPLP since then, co-leading with Cat Zavis in 2007, alone in 2008, and then co-leading with Stephanie Bachmann Mattei since 2009, who had been a participant in 2006 and an assistant in 2007 and 2008. 

Stephanie and Ingrid have enriched the program with their own work and perspectives throughout the years, in particular adding pieces related to attachment theory, child development, neuroscience, mindfulness training, looking deeply at recurring triggers to create self-understanding, and anger. Numerous experienced assistants, all graduates of the program, have lovingly contributed their time and energy to complete the leadership teams since 2007.

The PPLP has been so much more than I expected. As a newly Certified Trainer I thought that I might not need as much of the information, yet I received so much more knowledge and depth into the topics of parenting with NVC than I expected! It has been soooo supportive. I received great connection from the calls and my empathy buddy in the program. I enjoyed how the calls were divided into information, practice, work in dyads and always made time for check in and closing. I have such a sense of a world wide community! 

I went into the program to support my own parenting with NVC before I shared it with others, and I gained far more than I thought. I received empathy for so many layers of parenting and of myself as a person. I feel so much more comfortable sharing Parenting from Your Heart with others now and the curriculum has been very helpful to guide me. The journals brought this learning to a great depth and the reading materials have contributed greatly to my understanding, learning and clarity.

I have enjoyed Ingrid and Stephanie's guidance especially! They have been well prepared and are able to shift to what is alive in the moment and hold the needs of the group. I have learned a lot from their modeling. I also have enjoyed their stories because it brings the materials to life and it resonates so much more that way.

The PPLP was exactly what I needed to bring my NVC practice deeply into my being and for that I am forever grateful. 

~ Marcia Christen, CNVC Certified Trainer, USA, PPLP 2011
A Message from Inbal Kashtan 

Hi parents!

For those who don't know me, I'm the person who started the parenting yahoo group over a decade ago. I also started CNVC's parenting project and the first family camps in the U.S., and many other things. In 2007 I was diagnosed with cancer and have been dealing with active cancer for most of the time since 2009.

At this moment I am moved to write because I'm longing to contribute to you! I hope you'll take a moment to read this message, and I hope it may offer you an avenue for support, empathy, learning, growth, and community with like-hearted parents.

When I was actively visioning and working on implementing access to NVC for parents, I came up with the idea of a Parent Peer Leadership Program (PPLP), a model that, in my vision, would help create support networks around the world for more and more parents and families.

I started the program, but after just one year of leading it, I was diagnosed with cancer... 

The PPLP is the single most powerful vehicle that I am aware of to take a HUGE LEAP in your understanding of NVC and your capacity to live it with your family and community. Plus it gives you fabulous leadership tools you can use to share what you learn.

For me, the capacity to parent in line with my values has been such a phenomenal gift -- my son is now 15, and I am grateful every day for the quality of connection and trust we have. This was what I wanted as a parent, but without NVC, I doubt that I would have had the clarity and skills to know how to do it.

I really don't want anyone to miss the opportunity to join the PPLP, so I invite you to take action right now.

My dream is to have hundreds of parents around the world -- no, THOUSANDS -- living in integrity with their values of prioritizing connection in their family, holding everyone' s needs with care, sharing power, building trust, making peace -- and sharing their experiences and learning with others. 

My bigger dream is to transform our society' s basic assumptions about parenting, so that all parents who choose to may participate in raising a generation of young people who increasingly have the skills our world needs: to thrive, to live interdependently, to make peace.

I'm writing this with passion and love and hope,

(1965 - 2014)