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Stephanie Bachmann Mattei 
Stephanie was born and raised in Florence, Italy, where she earned her Bachelor in Languages and a Ph.D. in Philosophy. Stephanie moved to the USA in 1993, when she married her beloved husband, who is also from Italy. Together they are parenting their three self-educated children (biological and adopted). 

Stephanie’s core intertwined themes in life are: spirituality, parenting and wholeness.

Stephanie, a certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication ( and CNVC Assessor (for more info about the certification process please click here), is passionate to share her understanding of NVC as a process to empower oneself and others to celebrate the humanity in one’s own being, and to encounter the humanity in the other person. In the words of Dr. Bruce Perry, "Being born human does not ensure being humane." 

NVC offers transformational processes to support the journey from human to humane by providing clear tools for healing and reconciliation of warring parts within our psyche, of emerging into our wholeness, to consistently re-connect with our authenticity, and to practice the gift of mindful and compassionate presence for ourselves and others.

Parenting is Stephanie’s niche. Parenting, being a major way of transmitting our unconscious wounds as well as our conditioning to social and cultural blueprints, becomes a powerful and far-reaching tool for social transformation. As Gandhi proclaimed: “If we want to change the world we shall start with the children.” 

On the practical level, this led Stephanie to serve for over 10 years as a volunteer leader with La Leche League International, facilitating support group meetings, and consulting with mothers about breast-feeding, parenting and attachment. In 2006, Stephanie graduated from the “Parent Peer Leadership Program” (PPLP) -a program of the Peaceful Families Peaceful World Project of the International Center for Nonviolent Communication and BayNVC. She has been serving in this program as an assistant first and as a co-trainer since 2009. 

Additionally, Stephanie has served both at the “NVC and Diversity Retreat” and the “New York Intensive Residential Training” as the Children’s Program founder and trainer for three consecutive years.

Aware of the specific challenges and joys of raising an adopted child, Stephanie further became a BCI (Beyond Consequences Institute) Certified Parenting Educator. 

Stephanie has also trained in the Mindful Schools Curriculum Program to support youth in learning and integrating mindfulness practices.

Finally, in Stephanie’s experience, parenting inevitably ends up being a call to integrate our unprocessed experiences and to bring healing to ourselves. To that respect, Stephanie loves tying NVC with mindfulness-based neuroscience to support self-understanding, healing and wholeness. 

She is also a Qualified Teacher in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction with the Center for Mindfulness.
Ingrid Bauer is an author, compassionate parenting advocate, and a Certified Trainer for the global Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC), who has been teaching and writing about compassionate parenting for over two decades. She first began working with children with emotional and developmental special needs 35 years ago, and turned to working directly with parents after she herself became a mother in 1985. Ingrid is tri-lingual and although she has an Honours degree from the University of Toronto and did Masters work at the University of Waterloo, she considers life, relationships, nature, community, and parenting to be her primary teachers.

An activist for unhindered birth and breastfeeding, Ingrid authored a book on meeting infants’ needs in 1999 (Diaper Free!), as well as numerous published articles. When she discovered NVC in 2000, she was thrilled to find a practice that supported her in her desire to live compassion and grow world peace from the roots by addressing how we raise and interact with children, and how we practice peace in creating communities that nourish and care for each individual. For this reason and as a mother of four children aged 9, 15, 19 and 31 years, she is dedicated to sharing Compassionate Communication with parents and families, and much of her work addresses this arena.

Ingrid embraces living compassion as her spiritual practice, as well as her grassroots social change work. She is particularly interested in exploring NVC within the context of family, community, interdependence, and the whole web of life. Ingrid offers workshops, teleclasses, retreats, and family camps, with a special focus on parenting, as well as leadership training. She has a strong interest in deep nature connection and how this impacts children, communities, and cultural repair, and often collaborates with her husband, Jean-Claude Catry to offer training or camps related to connecting to the wild and cultural repair.

Ingrid assisted Inbal Kashtan in the very first 
Parent Peer Leadership Program, and has been leading or co-leading the program since 2007.

 Ingrid works with individuals, educators and schools, community organisations, peace groups, parenting and homeschooling groups, First Nations (Aboriginal) communities, and more. She also offers private mentoring, consulting, and parent coaching. Ingrid lives with her family, on an island on Canada’s west coast.

Ingrid is committed to bringing compassion into daily life and to creating social change through sustainable human relationships. Ingrid's approach has been called "warm, clear, compassionate and inspiring.”
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Ingrid Bauer