The Parent Peer Leadership Program
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Contact the Parent Peer Leadership Team
The application process for the PPLP 2019-2020 is now open. See details below.

We hope to hear from you! Please email us at your earliest convenience to let us know of your intention to apply. 

You can download the application by clicking here. Or complete the online form here.

Don't hesitate to email us with your questions and to ensure you are 100% satisfied.
Application Process & Timelines

The 2019 PPLP gives application priority to applicants who meet the requested level of experience and who are able to commit to the full program. 

Application Process for those who meet Experience & Commitment Requests

Step 1

Email your Application by October 15th. Early applications are encouraged as space is limited.

If the initial date has passed, don’t hesitate to contact us: we will accept applications until the program is full. 

Step 2: Once we received your application, we will email you if we have any further questions. For some applicants, this may include a brief phone interview. The phone interview is intended as a two-way process to address questions and concerns that you or we may have about the program. Interviews may last anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes.

Step 3: Applicants who are accepted into the program will receive an email confirmation with further directions for payments within a couple of days. 

Step 4: Following directions given by the above-mentioned email, please complete the registration A.S.A.P.

Requested Experience and Commitment

1) Requested Experience

We request that applicants to the PPLP meet the following criteria:

(a)Significant exposure to NVC (1+ years active study and involvement, including ideally at least 5 days of in-person training)

(b)A clear commitment to living NVC and deepening their NVC skills over time;

(c) A desire to move into (peer) leadership and a commitment to doing so within the timeframe of the program. 

We welcome and will consider applications from people who have had less time exposure, but who are actively involved in integrating NVC and motivated to begin to share NVC with parents in their communities. 

2) Requested Commitment

We request the following commitment from program participants:

  • Intention to participate fully in all program components. On average, we anticipate that participants will dedicate 3-4 hours per week to participating in the program. This request meets needs for integrity, clarity, mutual support and contribution for us.

  • Commitment to starting to share NVC with other parents during the program (suggested timeline: March 2020) and an intention to continue doing so for a period of at least one year following the end of the program, following CNVC guidelines for sharing NVC (click here for more information on these guidelines). This request meets needs for effective use of resources and integrity for us.

  • Agreement to offer introductory/series workshops free of charge for the duration of a year after the program ends, except to cover the basic expenses of offering the program (such as copying, cost of booklet, and for some people, room rental). Beyond the year’s commitment, or if a participant is offering more than one concurrent program during the year, PPLP participants are welcome to ask for donations for their time as well. (We recognize that some people hope to contribute to their sustainability through sharing NVC, so they can reduce the time spent on other work. If this is the case for you and what we’ve written here is not sufficient for you, let us know so we can try to attend to both our needs.) This request meets needs for integrity and accessibility of this work for everyone.

  • Willingness to make NVC the principal parenting strategy for the duration of the program (to avoid confusion about which strategies support meeting the family’s needs). This doesn’t mean not being influenced by other approaches, simply that NVC is the core strategy and there is clarity and awareness of the differences and similarities between different strategies. This request meets needs for clarity and learning for us.

  • Willingness to share some writings or taped contributions that document your inner process and, if applicable, changes in family life during the duration of the program. These contributions might be used in future publications about NVC and parenting, and/or in research about parenting with NVC (anonymously or attributed to you according to your preference). This request meets needs for support in reaching more people.

  • Agreement to purchase recommended NVC materials (such as Marshall Rosenberg’s or Inbal Kastan’s book), if you do not already have them, for a total of no more than $50. This request meets needs for support in learning and integration of NVC.2
Being a participant in the PPLP has continued to transform my home, my family and my relationships, most notably the relationship I have with myself. I experience much more confidence, trust and peace than ever before and my children have responded by being ever more happy, self reliant and empowered. The way they now contribute to family life touches me and continually surprises me.

 I almost don't know what to do some mornings now..oh that's right..have a shower, get dressed, have a cup of tea, eat breakfast and make some lunches, chat to my children as they go about their own preparations and sometimes give some gentle reminders and support to the youngest to get ready for school:-) I have time to think, to take care of myself and the over all mood in our home is one of ease, connection, trust and respect...

I am loving sharing this with other parents and very enriching and nurturing for me to be able to contribute with such life changing work. Working with Stephanie and Ingrid has been an honour and a deep blessing Thank you. 

~ Sarah McCure - Tasmania, Australia, PPLP 2011
PPLP has supported me tremendously as a parent and as a human being; it really enabled me to humanize the world around me and hold myself and those around me with care and compassion. PPLP helped me reach out with my understanding of NVC and, most of all, it enabled me to better understand the complexity of human beings, and that we all somehow have goodness within us. Hopefully my journey with PPLP and NVC will not stop here."  

~ Marwa Farouq Egypt PPLP 2012​