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PPLP Finances
We aim at relating with money in integrity with our value of considering everyone’s needs with equal care. 

When we offer this program, we meet a variety of our own needs, including contribution, meaning, connection, interdependence, and growth. Through our tuition request, we want to also receive support for our livelihood, mutuality, care, and choice about how we spend our time.

Your tuition payment assures that we can continue to invest our time and energy in bringing NVC to parents around the world. It is a symbol of valuing your own learning and the teaching, and supports a resilient, regenerative program for the benefit of us all. It's a powerful investment in yourself, your family and your community! We experience deep gratitude for your support and for your desire to be part of creating a world where families and communities can live together peacefully.

We also want to meet the needs of the people who want to learn NVC with us – needs for sustainability, joy, contribution, choice, and care, along with other values. In an effort to make this program as accessible as possible, we’ve created a streamlined sliding scale with four payment options. We hope that most people will find a place for themselves somewhere within this scale. 

We are committed to do our best to include those who want to participate and may still find the tuition cost well beyond their means. If you strongly believe the PPLP will be of benefit to yourself and the communities you are involved in, we hope you will apply and not let financial considerations be the only reason to deter you. Please read and fill in the financial section in the application with the relevant information so that we can discuss the financial piece together. 

Hoping to meet all these needs, we long for a sense of partnership and shared responsibility. 
We hope you take some time to consider, with care for everyone involved, how much you can offer. We ask that each person contribute at the highest level without incurring in financial hardship, and would like to trust that each person give no more than what they would give with joy and ease. 

Requested Program Tuition for the Parent Peer Leadership Program 2019-2020 (in USD)

The tuition contribution for the PPLP covers the participant’s tuition for ALL program components. 

We request that each participant pay a $300 non-refundable deposit upon acceptance, and offer four payment levels ranging between $1800-$2400 (total). 

Option A: Full Cost USD $2400
This level supports a resilient, sustainable program and allows us to offer a small number of scholarships. $2400 with a $300 deposit and 4 payments of $525*.

Option B: Full Cost With a 15% Discount for a Lump Sum Payment USD $ 2040
This level supports a resilient, sustainable program. $ 2040 with a $ 300 deposit and one lump sum payment of $1740 due by November 1st.

Option C: Sustainability USD $2100
If the majority of people pay at this level, the program remains sustainable. $2100 with a $300 deposit and 4 payments of $450*.

Option D: Scholarship USD $1800
This is a scholarship level for people with limited income. $1800 with a $300 deposit and
4 payments of $375*.

Returning Participant USD $800
This is for participants returning for their second or third year of the PPLP.
Deposit $ 300 and one lump sum payment of $ 500 due by November 1st.

Payment Requests & Timelines

Once your participation in the program has been confirmed, we ask for a deposit of $300. This covers our expenses for planning, administration costs, and materials preparation.  

Subsequent contributions for Program Tuition are made by check or paypal. 
* The 4 installments are due: November 1st, February 1st, April 1st and June 1st.
Please contact us directly if this is a problem.


We are generally happy to offer full refunds (minus the initial $300 deposit) as long as the program has not yet started, and we are able to fill the spot of the person withdrawing. For any more details, please refer to the application document and carefully read the Refund section.
I am filled with warm gratitude for the PPLP, for Inbal for getting it all started, Stephanie and Ingrid as our leaders, and all the assistants and participants who share their skills, wisdom, and vulnerability.

In 2010, I was a participant. The regular practice of coming together on the calls to share our vulnerability and learning about how to live nonviolence in the often chaotic family lives we live, deeply supported me to empower myself and my family to meet all our needs with acceptance, curiosity, and open-heartedness.

In 2011, I assisted this program. Again, I was deeply moved at how this supported my practice of open-heartedness, curiosity, and creativity. I thoroughly enjoyed connecting and learning and playing with Stephanie, Ingrid, the other assistants and participants and contributing in the way that I could. It is a deeply healing experience being a part of this fellowship of parents.

~ Wendy McDonnell, U.S.A. PPLP 2010 & 2011
Things i have learned…during this year's PPLP course:

You can break an arrangement with care and that makes a difference to how it is heard. If you can explain what you are saying "yes" to ….this gives a chance for your "no" not to be taken personally.

Change comes slowly at first. Be kind. 

You can talk to your child when he is asleep and reassure him that all is well.

To stay in your power and to come to a child cleanly but with confident presence.

Practice redoing difficult interactions in moments of calm and love.

Three pressure points for parents:

1) Time pressure
2) Tiredness
3) When acceptance is up

Putting your hands over your heart can calm you when you are under pressure.

Perfection is not the goal!

Underneath the anger is pain.

You do not have to take anger personally. When I am angry there is a little part of me that needs love, protection from shame and gentleness.

~ Sarah Mook, UK PPLP 2012