The Parent Peer Leadership Program
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Leadership Training for Sharing 
Nonviolent Communication with Parents, Teachers and Youth-Serving Professionals
Welcome to Parent Peer Leadership Program (PPLP)
October 2019 - June 2020

We are still accepting applications for the PPLP 2019

The PPLP is a nine-month program, co-lead by Ingrid Bauer (Certified Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication - CNVC) and Stephanie Bachmann Mattei, (CNVC Certified Trainer and CNVC Assessor) aimed at nurturing and developing leaders who are committed to spreading Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to parents, teachers and youth-serving professionals in their communities, especially in those regions where there are no NVC trainers. 

Through a variety of program components, the PPLP hopes to provide these leaders the experience, skills and support they need to successfully support other parents who want to learn and practice NVC in their families as well as professionals working with youth.

The PPLP was originally created in 2006 by Inbal Kashtan (a CNVC Certified Trainer, co-founder of BayNVC and author of Parenting from Your Heart: Sharing the Gifts of Compassion, Connection and Choice) as a program of the Peaceful Families, Peaceful World Project of The International Center for Nonviolent Communication - CNVC and BayNVC. The PPLP has also worked for several years in partnership with the NVC Academy.

The PPLP begins in October 2019 and runs through June 2020, and is structured as a long-distance program in order to support participation by lay leaders throughout the world. The components of the program include regularly scheduled video-conferences, weekly study suggestions, buddy relationships, and individualized online support. 

We anticipate that most participants will be parents, but non-parents who want to focus primarily on sharing NVC with parents, teachers, and people working with children, are warmly welcome. 

PREVIEW Sessions: 

​We are offering 2 FREE preview sessions where we will share an overview of the program and answer questions. These sessions are offered via Zoom video conference which is also the platform used for the full program.

Sept 20th and Oct 4th (11:30 Eastern Time - click here to convert to your time zone)

Use the links below to register for one or both of the two FREE preview sessions.   

September 20, 11:30am ET or October 4, 11:30am ET 

  A Word from Miki Kashtan

  The Parent Peer Leadership Program was created by my late sister Inbal, and has   
  been carried by Ingrid and Stephanie for years. What i hear from parents about it is 
  universally positive. I imagine we all know that for as long as parenting continues in  
  the way that it has been for centuries and in parts of the world for millennia, we will  
  continue to reproduce the existing paradigm. this program specifically trains people 
  to share NVC parenting principles and practices with others.