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Program Description


Program Timeline & Components

The 2024 Parent Peer Leadership Program runs from January through December 2024 with a summer break (June, July, August). The program components are structured for distance learning in order to include participants from diverse geographic regions. Each of these components is described in further detail below.

1) Personal Support Call with Trainers 

Each participant will have an option of one call with either Ingrid or Stephanie during the course, to establish connection and answer any questions. Additional support calls for parenting or leadership coaching can be arranged with Ingrid or Stephanie. 

Stephanie, as a CNVC assessor, is also accepting candidates as well as offering mentoring to support candidates in their CNVC journey towards certification.

2) Video Conference Calls 

Starting in late January, the PPLP begins online classes (Zoom Video conference calls). Classes meet weekly for the first 4 weeks, to build connection and a shared base of learning. After the first 4 weeks, classes will continue on a bi-weekly basis. There will be at least 20 classes in the 9-month program. Each class is scheduled for 1 hour and 45 minutes. While most of these classes will be with the program leaders, guest trainers (such as program assistants) may enrich the program.

Web Conference Calls:

We aim at offering 2 sessions this year to support people from most time zones.  (dependent on minimum registrations of 15 per session)


Depending on the time zones of the participants and whether we have 1 or 2 cohorts, the zoom calls may be at 12 noon and/or 3 pm and/or 7 pm Eastern Time

Time Zone Converter

All classes will be recorded. Participants who are unable to join a particular class, will be able to download the recordings. Recordings remain available throughout the program.  

To support your learning experience, please watch the video tutorial, "Joining a Meeting with Zoom,": 

3) Weekly Study Assignment with Monthly Feedback

At the beginning of the program, every participant will receive access to a classroom site to download course materials equivalent to thee binders filled with abundant learning and curriculum materials. Each week, participants are given reading and journaling suggestions from these binders. Journals can be engaged with in writing, with a buddy, or in other creative ways.

Once a month, participants are invited to send in a journal to a program assistant by email for supportive feedback. Feedback opportunities tend to provide rich sources of support for learning, growth and integration.

4) Empathy Buddy Sessions

Participants will be paired up with a regular buddy and rotating buddies as well to alternate connections. Buddies will schedule weekly or bi-weekly, one-hour phone calls. 

Empathy buddy relationships are one of the strongest components of this program in that they give all participants opportunities for mutual contribution, community, relationship building, practice with the learning, integration, empathy and healing, and deep connection. As your participation in these sessions affects another person’s experience of the program as well as your own, we ask that participants make a strong commitment to staying connected regularly.

5) Individual Support Sessions with the Leadership Team

During the course of the program, each participant will have access to  monthly support sessions with a leadership team assistant for feedback and support. Each session typically lasts 30 minutes to one hour. Participants have expressed deep gratitude for the depth of insight, support and empathy they have received during these calls.

6) Wiki Website, Email Support Group and an Intimate Learning Community

An online platform with group email serves as a forum to share challenges, offer mutual support and empathy, exchange information, and build community. It has been a rich resource for program participants for mourning and celebrations, support, feedback and deep connection.

The Wiki offers access to program documents,  web conference calls recordings, articles and more. 

7) Materials & Curricula for Sharing NVC

All participants will be asked to begin to share NVC in their communities by September 2024. To support this goal, participants receive a detailed curriculum, promotional materials, a PowerPoint Presentation, and more that can be used for sharing NVC with parents.

This aspect of the program, like all other components, is highly supportive, such that even participants who have had great trepidation about beginning to share NVC have done so successfully.

Sample Topics

Following is a general outline of sample topics. The program is divided in two tracks: the first one with a “Parenting Focus” followed by a “Leadership Focus.” Personal integration as well as leadership are addressed and woven into the fabric of the whole program. 

Parenting Focus: Sample topics

  • Parenting with NVC

  • Attachment and connection as a foundation

  • The history of parenting and patriarchy

  • Sharing power in family life: awareness of power dynamics 

  • How to speak to children about race

  • Protective and utilitarian use of force

  • Anger, Guilt and Shame

  • Kids in conflict: mediation skills​


Leadership Focus: Sample Topics

  • Key distinctions

  • Sharing NVC: CNVC requests 

  • Role Plays

  • Giving and Receiving Feedback

  • Self-assessment

  • Exploration of fears

FREE PREVIEW Sessions: for PPLP 2024

You are invited to a 75 minutes zoom call

December 4th, 2023, 7:00 pm Eastern Time

Register HERE in advance for this meeting:

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December 18th 2023, 12 noon Eastern Time 

Register HERE in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

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